Lezing hartonderzoek

Lezing van dierenarts Hanneke van Meeuwen over hartonderzoek bij onze Bull Terriërs. De lezing zal worden gehouden in het Engels op vrijdag 9 november 20.00 uur in het Holiday Inn Hotel. ENTREE IS GRATIS!

“My name is Hanneke van Meeuwen. I graduated as a vet from Ghent University in 2001. In 2002 I started working in AniCura Dierenkliniek Eersel. In our clinic we treat both general patient as referred cases. My main field of interest is cardiology, internal medicine and reproduction. I see a lot of patients for heart-screenings prior to breeding.

English Bull Terriers (EBT) seem to have a high prevalence of heart murmurs and are presumed to be predisposed for certain cardiac disorders. These disorders could lead to health problems and might be hereditary. The relative prevalence of heart disease in the Dutch and Belgian EBT population has not yet been reported. In 2017 our clinic got a research fund from AniCura for 3 years to investigate ‘Heart disease in the English Bull Terrier’.

We try to find answers to the following questions:
– Are EBT predisposed for certain cardiac disorders and in what severity?
– Can we replace cardiac ultrasound by a blood test to screen on cardiac disorders?
– If there is a higher prevalence of cardiac disorders in comparison to other breeds, can we find the genetic base?

Our research has not been completed yet but I will explain the findings we have up until now!”

Zien we u daar? Graag even doorgeven met hoeveel personen u naar de lezing komt. Dit kan door te mailen naar: michelle@bullterrierclub.nl