Who can be a member and what are the costs?
Everyone can join:
Members fee, once to register € 10,-
So the first year you would pay € 25,- + € 10,- = € 35,-
Membership costs per year, including the ‘Herald’ € 25,- Family member per year € 13,-
Family members pay no entrance fee, receive no magazine, but they have the same rights.

What do you get?
The official club magazine the ‘Bull Terrier Herald’ (as pdf file by email for members abroad)
The right to enter your Bull Terrier at all club events of the NBTC. Bull Terriers without a pedigree may not participate in all club events.
The right to join membership meetings of the NBTC.
The right to use the pupinformation if you plan to breed and stick to the pupinformation- breeding regulations and requirements.

send an email to: Membership administration