Silent auction

Silent auction will be held during the shows on the International Weekend.The auction will start on saturday and will close the sunday. During this time you can do your bidding on the items you like. When you have the highest bidding on Sunday, you win!

DONATE your Bull Terrier items or something else that respresend your country and we will put a card with it, so the bidder will know where it will come from. All the items will come from all over the world. Because If you have an item at home, you can bring it in on Saturday for this good cause. Then we will put in the auction.

Your biddings will go to the Nederlandse Bull Terrier Club (NBTC), so that again we can give everything to trow new events and ceep up with all the best we can offer our Bull Terriers.

We hope to see u there with al kind of loverly Bull Terrier items and hope to find you some new!

Please let us know if you could bring something with you on Saturday 10th of November or if you have any questions, please mail to: